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3ds flashcart , all free shipping! 100% original! Xecuter's X360USB PRO is the world's first SATA to USB Mass-Storage controller that not only enables WINAPI over USB, but also PORTIO. This powerful all-in-one converter can be used with any software or ...^_^
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Xecuter's X360USB PRO is the world's first SATA to USB Mass-Storage controller that not only enables WINAPI over USB, but also PORTIO. This powerful all-in-one converter can be used with any software or hardware that uses these signals to work. Designed by Team Xecuter in conjunction with the experts at Team Jungle, the X360USB PRO adapter is the most advanced WINAPI/PORTIO to USB adapter ever created. One stand out feature is that you are now able to connect all Xbox 360 DVD drives to any PC or Laptop for the first time simply by connecting to a USB port. No more struggling with specific SATA chipsets or issues with awkward operating system setups. Now tasks such as repairing your Xbox 360 DVD drives firmware or upgrading your broken DVD drive to a new one without the expensive fees charged by the manufacture just got easier than ever before. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, this multi-use Mass-Storage controller is an essential addition to any toolkit.

The X360USB PRO includes the following features:

  • Connect any SATA device to any PC or laptop via USB*
  • Compatible with Xbox 360 DVD drives Hitachi, Samsung, Benq & Liteon (FAT)
  • Compatible with Xbox 360 DVD drives Liteon & Hitachi (SLIM)
  • Compatible with Xbox 360 Hard Drives (inc HDSS.BIN Patching)
  • Repair or replace your Xbox 360 DVD Drive within minutes - no more weeks of waiting for Microsoft or other repair professionals to do it for you!
  • No SATA Port Required
  • Fully compatible with tools like Jungle Flasher
  • No More Driver / OS / SATA / Compatibility Problems
  • Fully Upgradeable On-Board Firmware
  • Supports Mass Storage Mode As Default
  • Dual Mode PORTIO & WINAPI
  • Enhanced WINAPI speed for tools such as Xbox Backup Creator**
  • Power, Status & Activity LED's
  • Team Xecuter's Superior Manufacturing Quality
  • Team Xecuter Backed Warranty

*Xbox 360 HDD's and the X360USB PRO's internal command set and may cause an E69 error due to a security bit being set by most modern USB/SATA chipsets therefore you should not connect your 360 HDD to your PC until we release a workaround.

**Xbox Backup Creator's indented use is for making back-ups of original games you own and not for piracy. We in no way condone piracy of any kind !!!


How To Setup The X360USB PRO - Windows XP

1: Download the latest X360USB PRO drivers

2: Extract the driver files from the .zip file. In the example below the directory "x360usbpro_drivers" has been copied to the desktop.

3: Make sure the switch on the X360USB PRO is set to the OFF position (ON = bootloader mode, which is used for updating the X360USB PRO's onboard firmware. When this switch is set to ON it will not be detectable by any software other than the X360USB PRO Update Tool)

4: Connect the provided USB cable to the X360USB and your PC
(The extra AUX power cable provided with the X360USB PRO is only to be used if your USB ports do not output 500mA; 99% of computers operate at 500ma so it will be very rare to use this cable. Rule of thumb don't use it at all unless instructed otherwise)

5: You now need to install the drivers manually. Open device manager, Right-Click on X360USB PIO and click Update Driver...

6: If you are asked if you would like Windows to connect to Windows Update select "No, not at this time" then click Next.

7: Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" then click Next.

8: Now you need to go to the directory where you saved the driver files. In this case they were on the desktop in a directory called x360usbpro_drivers. 1. Click Browse, 2. Select Directory, 3. Click OK

9: You may have to untick the "Search removable media" box and tick the "Include this location in the search" box. Once you have selected the correct location click Next.

10: Success ! Now click Finish.

11: You should open device manager again to check if the driver has installed correctly. It will be listed under "LibUSB-Win32 Devices" as "X360USB PRO" for 32bit Windows, or "X360USB PRO 64" for 64bit Windows.

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