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  • We privode customers best price for the x360key with great quality.

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:: Introduction

The X360Key is a new product of the famous Wiikey Team, manufacturer known worldwide for the number of Wiikey modchips for Wii and PS3 PS3key, now announces the Wiikey team always something desired by all users of the Xbox 360, a device capable of emulating a drive Xbox 360 on an external HD, so that files can be run directly from any external hd plugged into the X360Key. For those who know the Wode Jukebox for Nintendo Wii, this product is very similar, simulating the drive of the Xbox 360 of external form, allowing the use of hard disks with files.

We have another xbox360 usb loader which has the same functions as x360key but with more cheap price than x360key : x360dock usb loader(Only 78.99usd shipped)

:: Availability

The exact release date is not yet defined but the wiikey team in the community to dealers, said it should be ready during the second fortnight of June. The Playtronics resale is authorized by the manufacturer as can be seen on the official site and do pre-sale promotional price soon, so we have an exact release date so we can set a date of shipment to our customers. To be informed about the early pre-sale, click the " notify me when available "at the top of the page and leave your email and we will contact, leaving your email, we can also expect the number of parts that we need to launch.

:: How it works?

x360key consists of 2 parts, a motherboard and a remote.

The motherboard connects to the SATA bus inside the Xbox 360, and sits between the drive and the Xbox 360 motherboard. x360key is a full-fledged computer system running embedded Linux. It is capable of many things such as
- Emulating the Xbox 360 DVD drive
- Reading USB hard drives and other USB media with various file systems
- Updating itself and other hardware from USB media
- Communicating with the remote and other external USB devices
- And a lot more! (embedded Web server and Wifi connectivity for example)

The remote is a simple yet stylish piece of hardware that features an OLED display and 3 buttons. It connects to the x360key motherboard via a high speed USB2 connection. It also has USB for connecting USB hard drives and other devices. The OLED and buttons are used to control various aspects of x360key. It is also used for browsing attached USB media devices and launching games.



Configuring xKey - Fats
xKey requires a dump of the original firmware from your drive. This is copied to the xKey's SD card, when the xKey boots the firmware file its analysed, the drive type is identified and the drive key etc. are extracted.

If you have CFW
You should have a backup of the OFW (or all the information to recreate one) and it is this file that is used to configure xKey. There is no need to reflash your drive with OFW.

If you have a stock drive
a dump must be obtained using available tools (we recommend the Maximus Lizard 360).

Configuring xKey - Slims
xKey requires the file set (dummy.bin etc.) that can be created with available tools, these are copied to the xKey's SD card. When the xKey boots, the files are analysed, the drive type is identified and the drive key etc. are extracted.

If you have CFW
You should have a backup of the required files and they are used to configure xKey. There is no need to reflash your drive with OFW

If you have a stock drive
a dump must be obtained using available tools (we recommend the Maximus Lizard 360).

CFW: Custom Firmware
OFW: Original Firmware

:: Advantages


- Keep all your games on a external hd
- Extend the life of the console, without using an optical scanner and the question of exchange of the optical reader of the Xbox 360 we know, is very common and the exchange of an optical scanner costs at least $ 120.00
- Cheap long term because you will not have to spend on media

- Upgradeable without opening the console, a console to upgrade currently unlocked via software, you need to seek a technician and pay again for the service to keep up
- Games will be read more quickly when run directly from an External Hard Drive
- Future updates will include disk copy feature that will copy your original disks to an external hd, leaving them protected and new

:: Compatibility

Fat or Slim Console? 360 DVD Drive Type Compatible?
Fat Samsung ms28 and ms25 Yes
Fat Hitachi (All) Yes
Fat BenQ Yes
Fat Liteon 7,8 and 9 series Yes
Slim Liteon 9504 (now 0272 on new dash) Yes
Slim Liteon 0225 Yes
Slim Hitachi 0500AA Nonot yet, but will be with future update
Slim Liteon 0401 Yes
Slim Liteon 1071


Slim Liteon 1214

No not yet, but will be with future update

:: How to install

The X360Key team made everything possible for you to have a device ready for installation. It is completely free of the need for welds. The problem with the drives of Xbox 360 is that each drive in each console has a certain key, a serial number, which prevents you simply replace the drive with another and then extract the key needed to then pass to another drive then do with which it can be used in the appliance, the problem for many people is that to do this, it was necessary to hire technical service or to purchase as a kit or Pro CK3 Lizard, good .. was so because the X360Key among its functions, allows the drive key is extracted easily without you needing additional equipment.

you can pass the long ribbon cable out through the small slit in the case where the usb port is. Front or Back. Please be careful, the flat cables make is easier to close your case but you still need to be careful during installation and be sure not to slide the cable agaisnt anything sharp as it can ruin the integrity of the data that is passing though.

X360Key is officially relased and in stock now,it's the international(US) version  . You're very welcome to order it!!【Nov.28th,2011】

:: Features in Released(Right here, right now)

    • - User friendly: intuitive interface, no soldering required
    • - Compatible with both Fat and Slim models
    • - Supports most Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
    • - Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
    • - High speed USB2 interface
    • - Stylish USB control pad for selecting games and controlling your x360key
    • - Powerful embedded Linux system running from Micro SD card (included)
    • - Linux firmware fully updatable from USB media
    • - FPGA fully updatable from USB media via built-in, in-system JTAG programming
    • - Recovery mode - it is always possible to recover from a bad flash
    • - No drive flashing or JTAG hack required
    • - AP25 supported
    • - XGD3 supported
    • - Pass-through mode. (Use your Xbox 360 in "normal mode")
    • - Multi Disc Games supported
    • - Web Control Interface*
    • - Multi-language support

:: Future Features that work in progress:

These features below are designed to be launched in future firmware updates. The date will occur is unknown whether or not it is advisable to purchase the product featuring one of the updates below because it is not known exactly when they will be implemented:

  • - Loading games from NFS and Samba shares
  • - Xbox Live support
  • - Backup original Xbox 360 games to USB hard drive

  • *Requires WiFi dongle (sold separately)

:: Content of one set xk3y (R7.2, also called v1.1)

  • 1x Main Board v1.1 (With FFC connector)
  • 1x Remote
  • 1x 128MB Micro SD Card
  • 1x SATA Cable
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x USB to Micro USB cable
  • 1x FFC/USB Dongle
  • 1x Short FFCable
  • 1x Long FFCable
  • 1x Main board protection card
  • 1x Serial Number with verification string (attached to the back of the Remote)


There're 2 review(s) for x360Key / xK3y (xbox 360 key) - Solderless USB loader - xKey
Posted by on 2011-10-26 06:19:46
I got it only for 5days. Fast shipping to UK. satisfy (: ... Rating
I got it only for 5days. Fast shipping to UK. I satisfy it (:

Posted by on 2011-10-26 06:13:41
that \'s really good revolution item , Ive got it yesterday ... Rating
that \'s really good revolution item , Ive got it yesterday and installed it, work great. Thanks for Ndsicard team ...

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