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3ds flashcart , all free shipping! 100% original! Update News about X360dock -xbox360 usb loader: The X360Dock has been released and in stock now!! You can play XBOX360 games from any USB driver .Free shipping for loader! We send out this item as soon received ...^_^
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Update News about X360dock -xbox360 usb loader:

The X360Dock has been released and in stock now!! You can play XBOX360 games from any USB driver .Free shipping for X360Dock USB loader! We can send out this item as soon as received your order. 

X360dock Description

X360dock is a solderless USB loader for Xbox 360, you can use it to play games from your external hdd. With this device, you can throw away your game disks, you dont need to worry about the games being damaged. Moreover, you no longer use the DVD drive and so it will extend the life of your console.

We also have another xbox 360 USB loader for you in case you are intereased:x360key(xk3y)

How to install X360dock

X360dock is a solderless deivce which means you can install it without any soldering skills, this is a great news for users. After all, not so many guys are capable of doing the complicated soldering job. In order to install the x360dock, you need to  open the console, put the x360dock inside, connect some cables, put the firmware inside and close the console. You can install it easily via official guide : 

X360dock user guide(PDF)
X360dock Module 1 Installation Guide(Fat)(PDF)
X360dock Module 1 Installation Guide(Slim)(PDF)
x360dock software and driver v1.0.7(ZIP Fw.)

How does x360dock work

X360dock is an optional xbox 360 drive emulator for your xbox360, it means when you use it loading the games from your external hdd, the xbox 360 just think you load the games from your own DVD drive which means very safe and convenient.

How to update the x360dock 

Updating the x360dock via USB storage is very easy as well. When the new firmware releases, just put the firmware in the micro sd card and then put it in the x360dock motherboard, the x360dock will detect it auto and then update your x360dock in a few mins.

x360dock compatibility


Features Now

Module 1 : Internal Mainboard + USB PC Control Dongle 
• SAVE the cost of extra USB HDD or pendrive, Grab the backup Games directly from the PC HDD. 
• Cleaning Games management platform based on PC only, No worry about the Xbox360 dash upgrading.
• User INTERFACE friendly, no soldering required 
• Compatible with both Fat and Slim consoles 
• Latest supported Xbox 360 version: 2.0.13604.0 
• AP25 supported 
• XGD3 supported 
• Plug and Play/Requires DVD Key 
• No need to flash or in any way modify your original DVD drive 
• Avoid Overheating and >75% 3 Red lights of Death posibilites 
• DVD/DL/Multigame compatible 
• Full upgradeable by USB/JTAG, Regular firmware updates available free for download 
• Drive mode–allow playing games from the DVD drive in a 100% Xbox Live safe manner 
• Remote ISO selector by Iphone/IOS/Android systems (Requires WIFI)

Features in Progress

• xbox live 
• Compatible with all slim models
• Retrieve the key from your DVD drive without any extra tools.

NOTE :  It's highly recommended do not use X360dock for XBOX LIVE gaming mode , even the AP25 and other protections are supported , Microsoft is continuously upgrading XBOX360 detection methods for backup devices banning, USE X360dock when PLAYING ONLINE  AT YOUR OWN RISK !!
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x360dock package

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Posted by on 2011-11-04 07:11:58
I got it only for 3days to our country(UK).With the English ... Rating
I got it only for 3days to our country(UK).With the English menu, I can install it easily as the guide,and find that it\'s really good usb loader for me. What\'s more ,the price is very reasonable.I known,if I got the x360key,I should pay more .So,it\'s a nice item! thanks.

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