10 Flashcarts worked perfectly on 3DS (XL) Firmware Ver 8.0.0-18U

3DS XL LL / 3DS / 2DS system Ver 8.0.0-18U is now available for download, and does it block our flashcart ? Here tested 10 pcs flashcarts (Samples from http://www.3dsflashkart.com) one by one for your reference.
Before testing on this 8.0 system, I have downloaded the newest kernel for all flashcarts. And you had better check their corresponding official 8.0 firmware patches firstly before updating your console system.
Flashcarts tested consequently are -
(1) R4i Gold 3DS RTS (r4ids.cn)
(2) DSTWO (supercard.sc)
(3) ACE3DS Plus (ace3ds.com)
(4) MT blue Card (mt-card.com),
(5) R4 Gold Pro 2014 (r4i-gold.com)
(6) R4 SDHC RTS LITE 2014 (r4isdhc.com)
(7) R4 SDHC Dual Core 2014 (r4isdhc.com)
(8)R4i Gold 3DS EU 2014(r4i-gold.eu)
(9) R4iTT RTS 2014 (r4itt.net)
(10) R4 SDHC Snoopy (r4isdhc.com)

Wood r4i gold 3ds & supercard dstwo tested work on 3DS 7.2.0-17

3DS update version 7.2.0-17 is now available!
What 3DS 7.2.0-17 updated?

Version 7.2.0-17U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:

Added new Parental Control features:

Parents can now register an e-mail address within Parental Controls

Parents that have registered an e-mail can send themselves instructions on unlocking Parental Controls if they have forgotten their Parental Controls PIN

Improved system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Which flashcarts can work directly for 3DS 7.2.0-17?
Wood R4i gold 3ds works well on 3DSV7.2.0-17
Supcard dstwo works well on 3DSV7.2.0-17

Which flashcarts SUPPORT Nintendo 3DS/2DS V7.1.0-16?

Nintendo 3ds released a new firmware update  for download .Up it’s version number to V7.1.0-16 .According to the official documentation of the company, the update only serves to improve the stability of the laptop.The download is mandatory for players that want to continue to access the eShop. However, what those updates bring for 3ds flashcarts? Which flashcarts can SUPPORT Nintendo 3DS/2DS V7.1.0-16?

How to upgrade your 3ds(XL) to V7.1.0-16 ?

Which flashcarts SUPPORT 3DS OR 2DS V7.1.0-16?

  • Supercard dstwo (with the firmware v1.23 )
  • r4i Gold 3DS RTS  (with the firmware wood r4 v1.64 firmware)
  • R4iDSN 3ds  (r4idsn.com  with WOOD R4 V1.61 )
  • Action Replay DSi (codejunkies.com)
  • 2013 R4isdhc RTS LITE  (r4isdhc.com with  firmware V1.62 BETA)
  • r4i3d 2013 (r4i3d.com with the latest kernel r4i3d.v1.62 )
  • R4iTT Purple – RTS new (r4itt.net with the latest firmware RTS3.03 )
  • R4i Gold Plus (r4ids.com) (with PLUS kernel v3.0)
  • R4i SDHC 3DS RTS (with kernel 1.74B (unnecessary to upgrade))
  • Ace3ds Plus /pro (after 2013.09.03)
  • R4infinity Dual Core(r4infinity.com)
  •  r4igold wood (r4igold.cc)
  • R4iGold 3DS 2013 (r4igold.cc)