How to update 3DS to 8.1.0-18?

Nintendo have updated 3DS/3DSXL/2DS to newest ver. 8.1.0-18, then how to update 3ds to this version 8.1.0-18?

3ds 8 1 0 18 update 008

First please enter into “Setting” -> “Other settings”, focus on the 4th icon below “System Update”

3ds 8 1 0 18 update 001


Press the “System update” button and you will be asked “Connect to internet and update system?”, sure you can choose the “OK” to confirm.

3ds 8 1 0 18 update 002

Then you must accept the condition of update to continue.

3ds 8 1 0 18 update 003

You need to switch your wifi button to ON, and then press “OK” to go on.

3ds 8 1 0 18 update 004

3ds 8 1 0 18 update 005
Then waiting for the update progress finished.
Waring : please don’t power off your 3ds console , make sure your console has enough power for updating.
3ds 8 1 0 18 update 006
After a few minutes, your 3ds update progress will be completed.
3ds 8 1 0 18 update 007

Your system is complete, and will be restarted. Then press “Setting” icon to enter into.
Your system version 8.1.0-18 will display on there.


3ds 8 1 0 18 update 008

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Multi Rom firmware 4.0B2 User Instruction

[User Instruction for R4i gold 3DS Deluxe multiRom firmware 4.0b2]
1. Download the firmware 4.0b2 and wood r4 kernel from official .



Extract the R4i gold 3ds deluxe firmware 4.0b2 , and copy the “” to your 3DS SD card.Also copy the WoodR4 kernel to the microsd card.


Running into Wood menu, press “START” to select “3DS Setup” , and then press “B” to intall “3DS Setup”
After the programing verify finished , press “HOME” to return to main menu.
Go to “setting”->”other setting”->”profile”->”Nintendo DS Profile”.Then,you have entered R4IGOLD DELUXE MODE.

2. Format the micro sd card in “FAT32″ or “exFAT”(exFAT should format under window vista/WIN7/WIN8…)
3. Copy some 3ds roms to Micro sd card
4. Insert microsd card into your R4iGold Deluxe(the 3DS card) and then insert it into the 3DS SLOT
5. The 3ds games list will show on the top screen after you press “KEY_SELECT”
6. The KEY_Left and KEY_Right can be used for selecting game icon, can move 1 step by each pressing
7. The KEY_L and KEY_R can move game icons with 5 steps by each pressing
8. Pressing KEY_A to confirm your choice
9. Then the game icon will display, you can press KEY_A to enter to play the 3ds game



R4i GOLD 3DS DELUXE currently which is the first and only R4 3ds flash card can support 3DS MultiRoms in one microSD card, what’s more, The R4i GOLD 3DS DELUXE  firmware 4.0B2 has supported ONLINE GAME, Region Free,Pokemon X Y are all available. So, till now, R4i GOLD 3DS DELUXE is generally acknowledged as the best R4 3DS flashcart in the world. NOW R4I GOLD 3DS DELUXE ONLY $48.99 SHIPPED!!

10 Flashcarts worked perfectly on 3DS (XL) Firmware Ver 8.0.0-18U

3DS XL LL / 3DS / 2DS system Ver 8.0.0-18U is now available for download, and does it block our flashcart ? Here tested 10 pcs flashcarts (Samples from one by one for your reference.
Before testing on this 8.0 system, I have downloaded the newest kernel for all flashcarts. And you had better check their corresponding official 8.0 firmware patches firstly before updating your console system.
Flashcarts tested consequently are -
(1) R4i Gold 3DS RTS (
(2) DSTWO (
(3) ACE3DS Plus (
(4) MT blue Card (,
(5) R4 Gold Pro 2014 (
(6) R4 SDHC RTS LITE 2014 (
(7) R4 SDHC Dual Core 2014 (
(8)R4i Gold 3DS EU 2014(
(9) R4iTT RTS 2014 (
(10) R4 SDHC Snoopy (

R4i Gold 3DS DELUXE IS SUPPORTING “MultiROM” with the firmware 4.0b2 update

A good news is from r4ids official that R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe “MultiROM” feature demo for the firmware V4.0b2 is releasing ! (2014-07-08) 

“MultiROM” feature demo for the firmware V4.0b2 is releasing…
 Watching Video here…
Note: the firmware V4.0b2 is still in testing, it will be released within 2 weeks…