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3ds flashcart , all free shipping! 100% original! 3DSLink is another new Revolution 3DS flashcart for your 3DS/3DSXL/3DSLL, it supports all roms playing and backup . Working with popular WOOD kernel RTS(Real Time Save) available! Easy to install enjoy Top ...^_^
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3DSLink is another new Revolution 3DS flashcart for your 3DS/3DSXL/3DSLL, it supports all 3DS roms playing and backup . Working with popular WOOD kernel and RTS(Real Time Save) is available! Easy to install and enjoy Top 3DS GAMES!

Great News! 3DSLink is in stock now! And we starting to order for customers in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany , Italy! Golabal free shipping with tracking number! Get it now!!


3DSLink Pictures and package


3DSLink Features:

  • Support 3DS/3DSXL/3DSLL consoles (Version 4.1 to 4.5)
  • Support latest 3D games
  • Support latest DSi and 3DS games
  • Support all kind of 3DS and DSi console
  • Support RTS (Real Time Save) for DSi games
  • Support SDHC Micro SD card
  • Support Wifi games and DS Ramble pak
  • Firmware Upgradeable


3DSLink Package Included:

  • 1*Red card
  • 1*Blue card
  • 1*USB Micro SD card Reader


3DSLink Firmware Downloads:



What's the difference between 3DSLink and Gateway 3DS?


3DSLink and Gateway 3DS (GW3DS) are both working for 3DS V4.1~4.5 , both supporting newest 3DS games roms, both with free region blocked, both working with nds games roms. The difference is 3DSLink blue card can work with lasted 3DS/3DSXL V6.3.0-12,but GW3DS blue card cant. 3DSLink supports wifi games and DS ramble pak, those are not available for GW3DS. For the sold price, 3DSLink is much cheaper than GW3DS...



3DSLink User manual:


How To Use 3DSlink To Work On 3DS V4.1~4.5 (For Playing 3DS ROMS/Games)

Followings are the step by step guide on how to use 3dslink

Things You Will Need To Parpare:

-1 x 3DSLink Red card and Blue Installer Card
-1 x MicroSD Card
-1 x SD Memory card
-1 x 3DS(version 4.1~4.5)

Step 1. Copy files from “Blue Card” folder onto the root of a fat 32 formatted MicroSD Card.

Step 2. Repeat on DS model entry
a) Click “START” and choose 3DS Setup

b) Press button “B” to setup

c) Press button “A” to power down or “Home” to return to main menu.

Step 3. Copy “Launcher.dat” file to the root of the MicroSD card from the 3DS.

Step 4. Launching 3dslink mode (repeat every power cycle)

Wait for 5-8 seconds for system tore boot into 3dslink mode

3dslink mode

Step 5. Preparing several MicroSD cards for the 3dslink

a) Please download Win32 Disk Imager

b) Start Win32 Disk Imager and select file open button, choose all file types to list .3DS and select your file.

c) Insert MicroSD card larger than the file to be written into reader/writer.

Make sure to select the correct device in Win32 Disk Imager drop down list.
(Note: The MicroSD card needs to be preformatted in order to show up in the device list.)

Select Write, double check correct target device and yes to the pop-up confirm overwrite window.

Done.Insert MicroSD card into 3dslink red card.
Make sure you are running in 3dslink Mode as shown in Step 4.

Done.Insert MicroSD card into 3dslink red card.Make sure you are running in 3dslink Mode as shown in Step 4.



How to Use 2D card? (For Playing NDS ROM GAMES)

1.Download Kernel and Game
By using TF card reader, connect the TF card with computer, open the memu.
Upload game kernel: Copy the “__rpg” and “_DS_MENU.DAT” file to your TF card..

2.Copy games
By using TF card reader, connect the TF card with computer, copy the downloaded games to TF card. (If needed, corresponding menu can be set up)

3.Main menu operation
Make sure micro SD card with Kernel is inserted in blue card, then insert blue card in DS SLOT-1 port, start the machine and enter main menu interface By pressing A button. And by pressing buttons (up and down) to choose the games。

Choose main menu:

Choose menu:

press up/down button to change menu; The chosen menu icon is shown by highlight

Enter games:

 Choose “Micro sd card” menu option, press A key to enter Game Option

Choose game:

games in TF card are shown in the middle of under screen. Using up/down button to choose games, press A to enter games.

System and Function Settings

START in let-down:

 click “START” , then show set menu, icon from left to right are: Copy, Cut, Delete,Paste, Settings, File Info,Help,Tools


Manage game files in TF card with no PC.


Click “settings”, then show system settings and Patches Menu

system settings

1.User Interface style( change UI),

2.language(language choose, 10 languages for choosing)


1.Reset Hotkey settings

2.Cheat In Game(AR)

3.Reset In Game(soft reset)

4.RTS (real time save)

5. sleep mode

Game cheating:

Game cheating:

1: Click START-File info-Settings, then show game UI set
Cheat In Game(AR) on/off  now set to on, press A to save.
Cheatdb select: choose one cheating which you familiar.
press A to ensure save again.

Press open cheating above, press A to enter game, choose cheat fuction of cheating, will show asap.


Game soft reset and Real time save

Game soft reset:

1: Click right-down START-Patches,show game operation set window
Reset In Game on/off set to on, press A to save .

2: Enter games, press L+R+A+B +down to show the “SOFT RESET” Menu

SAVE(real time save)

LOAD(real time load) is in the case that have saved privouse. In any conditon can return privous position by loading.

RESET(back to game catalog)

EXIT(Continue the game)

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